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Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock code: 600153.SH

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C&D Inc. (stock code: 600153) is a modern service-type enterprise with supply chain operations and real-estate development as its dual main businesses. Its businesses starting in 1980, the company was established exclusively by Xiamen C&D Corp., Ltd. and listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange in June 1998.
Since listed, the company has developed rapidly over consecutive years, with its operating revenue, net profit, net assets and other key economic indicators growing at annual average rate of nearly 30% . In 2021 it realized operating revenue of 707.84 billion CNY and after-tax net profit of 10.96 billion CNY. As of the end of 2021, its total asset was 602.46 billion CNY and net asset was 136.92 billion CNY.

1998- 2021

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With the mission of "exploring new values, enabling more people to live a more quality life" and the brand core value of "integrating resources and creating added value", C&D Inc. provides customers with supply chain operations services and comprehensive real estate services.

The company has been rated as “AAA level credit standing enterprise” and “TOP 500 of China (ranking the 15th place in 2022)” over consecutive years; it has been elected into MSCI index system constituent stocks, FTSE Global Equity Index Series constituent stocks, S&P Emerging BMI constituent stocks, Constituent Stock of CSI Smallcap 500 Index, and SSE Corporate Governance Index sample stocks.

C&D Inc. adheres to value-added service concept as the guidance of business model innovation, and is committed to the development of innovation-driven strategy, strives to become the world's leading supply chain operator in the field of supply chain operations, and an excellent real estate operator in China in the field of real estate development. The company has always been committed to becoming an outstanding enterprise with employees' love, shareholders' trust, customers' satisfaction and social respect.

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